Congreso de Terapia Psicocorporal

15th EABP Congress of Body Psychotherapy
The Embodied Self in a dis-Embodied Society
in Athens, Greece
13-16 October 2016
Normal registration: April 1st – August 31st 2016


Embodiment and its association with Body Psychotherapy
The Embodied Self in Philosophy and Life
The Psychopathology of Disembodiment and reconnection through Enactment.

Round tables:
Trauma, Embodiment and Self-Regulation
Embodiment in Sexuality
The Role of Embodiment in Prevention and Educational Sciences
The Female Body in Society and Psychotherapy
The concept of Energy in the process of Embodiment: An interdisciplinary approach.
The common ground in Body Psychotherapy

And Symposia:

Scientific and Research: 25 years of research in Psychotherapy and Body Psychotherapy
Body Psychotherapy and Politics

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